Toronto Ukrainian Festival kicks CNE’s butt

Blanked out height restrictions means that even Tiny can go on the largest, highest and fastest ride. Yes, that’s her tiny hand peeking out on the left hand side.

Cheaper rides means going on more rides which means happier kids.

Quiet parkettes off Bloor Street means stress-free noshing of many, many perogies while the kids run around safely.

Tiny donuts inspire Jake.

It was also perfect weather – sunny and cool.

At about one third of what we spent at the Ex in August, both the kids and parents had a good time. And, being a stones throw away from the grandparents’ for naps doesn’t hurt either. Next year we’ll skip the Ex entirely and save the money for more perogies.

More photos of the day, including the prerequisite dancing Ukrainian girls, here.


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2 Responses to Toronto Ukrainian Festival kicks CNE’s butt

  1. Tina says:

    (PSST!! – Penny is crooked!)

    Love Ni’s happy little face!!

    and Lu <3 !! I love seeing pictures of her in that little knitted number. I am sure everything I give her pales in comparison to that.

    • Michelle says:

      Oh yes, that poncho is a Lu favorite. And yeah, I cannot figure out why that image won’t rotate, because theoriginalon Flickr looks fine, and it’s the same script…

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