The Osoberry Bag tutorial review

After taking a hand quilting class in August, I decided I needed a bag that could hold my quilting frame. I settled on the Osoberry Bag by FoxFlat and used some Ruby Star Rising fabric.

Can I adore this fabric anymore than I do? No. I cannot. It is my all-time favorite fabric, and I didn't even know that I could have a favorite.

I also lined it with this nifty lined paper fabric (get it?) and added about two inches to the pattern dimensions in order for the bag to be able to accommodate my Q-snap.

So, besides the fabric, what do I think of the bag? In a word – great. Great to stitch up, great to use. I use it way more often than just for carrying quilting projects.

The pattern is unique in that it’s a hand-drawn illustration, which is brilliant. Very clear diagrams and written instructions really does make this a quick-ish bag to make. This one took me about a day, mainly because I was increasing the size of the pattern pieces and fussy-cutting everything, which are two things I don’t usually do, and I am happy with the results. I think if I make another, it’ll probably take me half the time.

Overall, definitely my Perfect Bag Tutorial so far – perfect for the advanced beginner!

PROS: Excellent instructions in pdf for easy printing and referencing when sewing.
Designed as a reuse/stash-busting project.
Solid construction with minimal effort and sewing skills.

CONS: Seam allowance not referenced (Katie quickly put it in the comments)
Drafting pattern (or drawing onto fabric) might be intimidating to beginners.
Doesn’t have a fastener, if that matters to you.

WISHLIST: Nothing! The reigning Perfect Bag Tutorial champion!

Next up: The Market Bag Tote.


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2 Responses to The Osoberry Bag tutorial review

  1. foxflat says:

    I’m glad you liked the pattern Michelle! I absolutely adore the fabric you used, both inside and out.

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