Catching up on crafting – Summer 2011


This past summer, Ni had an on-again off-again fever that had us perplexed. Eventually, we realized that the blanket she demanded sleeping with was way too hot, elevating her temperature and keeping it there. So. Weird. I did what most frantic mothers would do… I made her a quilt, and one for Monkey as well. It’s just a thrifted Ikea crib sheet with an old baby blanket as the batting. I guess technically, this is my very first machined quilt! I used this tutorial as a reference and it turned out swell, easy-peasy.


This is an Amy Butler pattern that I won years ago and finally got around to making. There are three bags, this being the biggest, and I made two sets – one for my sister and one for myself. I can’t say I like Butler patterns, I often find myself thinking that the directions are overly complicated for what you need to accomplish. The end results were sweet, and I use this bag everyday.


This isn’t the best picture, but here’s one of the three pirate skirts I made at the end of August for Bean’s Pirate Birthday Party. Have you been to Filth Wizardry’s website? – she’s brill. If I was a stay-at-home-mom-blogger, I would totally be her and build Millenium Falcons out of recycled materials for the girls. Instead, I work for The Man and make these super simple pirate skirts. We can’t have it all.


Finally made a new robe, based on my own kimono I’ve had for decades. I used some Anna Maria Horner flannel I bought years ago for some other purpose and it’s perfect. Sadly, I still can’t part with the old one, as I have many memories of both Lu and Ni’s births and newborn days spent in it. Maybe a tiny wall quilt?


Hexie needle books made while visiting Tina.


More hand quilting.


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