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Where you can find me now

Hello all 50 of you! You may be wondering where I am, and what the heck I’ve been up to. I am still quite active on the interwebz, just not on the blogging front. I really want to put the … Continue reading

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Did you know?

Did you know? Originally uploaded by Shanghai Cowgirl One cow = 500, 412 gummi bears. It’s a fact!

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Catching up on crafting – Summer 2011

This past summer, Ni had an on-again off-again fever that had us perplexed. Eventually, we realized that the blanket she demanded sleeping with was way too hot, elevating her temperature and keeping it there. So. Weird. I did what most … Continue reading

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Anti-squabbling tricks – sewing cards

Sewing cards=quiet ride home! Lu verdict: “These are awesome!” Ni verdict: “Good. Why are they painted? Mr. Sunshine is hard.”

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Thamesville Photowalk

One of the perks of my job is that I have a boss who encourages his staff in their creative endeavours. Sadly, this does not mean that I get to sew drapes for the office, but it does mean that … Continue reading

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The Osoberry Bag tutorial review

After taking a hand quilting class in August, I decided I needed a bag that could hold my quilting frame. I settled on the Osoberry Bag by FoxFlat and used some Ruby Star Rising fabric. Can I adore this fabric … Continue reading

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Toronto Ukrainian Festival kicks CNE’s butt

Blanked out height restrictions means that even Tiny can go on the largest, highest and fastest ride. Yes, that’s her tiny hand peeking out on the left hand side. Cheaper rides means going on more rides which means happier kids. … Continue reading

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