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Vinspiration – Reuse the backing of contact paper to enlarge patterns

“The backing of Contact paper is marked off in 1″ squares, use it to enlarge patterns.” – Mrs. M. Wriedt, 1965 I haven’t used contact paper in ages, I wonder if it’s still produced this way? Advertisements

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Vinspiration – Reuse sponges as drainage for potted plants

“Worn-out sponges make excellent drainage material for potted plants, and also hold the moisture. Simply cute the sponge to fit the bottom of pot.” – Mrs. H.L. Bell, 1964

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Hexspotting – Tiny hexagons by Karyn

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Hexspotting-How to bind your hexagons

How to bind hexagons via Dude

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Who is Marie-Claire, and where does she get all of these idees from?

All images from Marie-Claire Idees, No. 75-76

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Hexspotting – CD Wall Holders

I have no idea where I found this, or where the link for the tutorial is. Perhaps one day it will magically appear. Because, you know, hexagons are magic.

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Recently, Lucy and Nico become elves

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