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Recently, the girls. With things on their heads.

Nico will put anything on her head and then say, “hat”. While signing the word hat, of course. Her favorite thing to put on her head are Lu’s big-girl panties. Then of course Lu has to get her own pair … Continue reading

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Envelope of Doom – Project Two – Tribal Necklace of Fear

Many of you think I’m pretty crafty. And you’d be right. I do rock the craft. But there is one craft that strikes fear into my heart: jewellery making.  So, it was with some surprise that I stumbled upon Mich’s … Continue reading

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Grapes, Strawberries and pears – oh my!

I keep forgetting to edit and post these vintage cut embroidery transfers I have scanned. Click here to get the bigger size.

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Baby Be Well Bag for Miss MoneyPenny

We have a newborn in our extended family once again. And I wanted to take a little something, besides food, for the babe and the newly-stunned parents, so I came up with this: We were a bit unprepared for her … Continue reading

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Recently, the girls. Up north.

We went up to the cottage with Nana and Poppa two weekends ago. We swam, ate and played. And then Ad and I came home. And left the girls with their grandparents. For a whole week. They didn’t miss us.

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Miss MoneyPenny, I presume?

I’ve been off the Internets this week  – living in real time, baby – but just had to check in to spread the word. Penelope Katherine Ward is in the house, y’all: And when I say in the house, I … Continue reading

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Silk, linen, fruit, flowers, and appliances.

What do these things all have in common? They are the traditional gifts for a fourth anniversary! So, I could have purchased something in silk, or linen. Something representing fruit or flowers. And the girls and I already purchased Adam … Continue reading

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